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Sunday Gatherings.

One of the most fascinating things about Jesus is that so many who didn’t believe in Him still loved to be around Him because unbelief didn't disqualify anyone from being his friend. While our community is far from perfect, our vision is to be more like Jesus. So regardless of what you believe, everyone is welcome, because like Jesus, we want to be your friend!



From the moment you pull up  the parking ramp on the Talmadge Rd. side of the mall, our parking team and greeters will help you find your way and  a place to sit. We meet in Rave Cinemas on Sundays. The directions to our building, the5, are the same. It is located across the parking deck from Rave Cinemas. Click here for directions on where to find us.


A typical Sunday Gathering experience lasts about 65 minutes and while our order of service is sometimes different, our goal is always to tell the story of Jesus. We do this by creating an atmosphere through heartfelt worship, compelling stories of members in our community, engaging in conversations, and talking about Jesus. Our gatherings have an authentic, down-to-earth feel that invite you to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable. 


At Soma City, we celebrate every kid as an amazing creation and seek to make each one feel known and loved!  When you arrive, look for "kids parking." Then, hop out and head to your designated building to find your kids' classes! One of our Storyteller's will  be waiting to welcome you, register your family, and direct you to their classes!

Our youngest SC Kids (ages 1-3 years) check-in at Rave Cinemas. Our older SC Kids (ages 4+) check-in across the parking lot at our building, the5. (Directions to both are listed above in "Parking".)

*If you have kids in both age groups/buildings, you can register for them ALL at once at the5, then head over to Rave to drop off your younger kid(s) in their class before you go into the main service! If you have ANY questions or concerns, we want to connect! Email our kids leader at [email protected]


Check out our social media and our app for updates on any changes to our Sunday gatherings and for special gatherings, such as Worship Nights, Welcome to Church, and more.

"I noticed my life go from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. I just felt so loved by everyone around me... Now finally having Jesus in my life and living through me I've realized that thoughts are only thoughts and they can be combated through him. I realized that people really do love and care for me and I now see that my life has purpose."

- Matt