Story: Victoria Hagmeyer

A baptism story

When I became friends with Jesus, I thought everything would just click into place. I thought my issues would all disappear. That is all but true. Since then I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am constantly filled with a sense of fear and worry.

There have been times where I have questioned my faith completely. Why would God put me through this awful time if he was supposed to be my biggest supporter?

I believe that this path was chosen for me on purpose. God treated this time as a wakeup call. He didn’t want an impersonal relationship. He wanted a deeper friendship with me. He wanted the intricate details, messy, broken, and all.

I now lean on him, my biggest supporter, in times of trouble. I still deal with anxiety every day, but with Jesus by my side it has no chance. I can now live life more fully.

It’s like a part of me was missing and Jesus completed me.

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