Story: Jessica Nelson

Before I found Jesus, I was an angry, hurtful, depressed, and an overall negative person. I was seemingly happy on the outside, but I was destroyed internally.

For years, I felt a huge void in my heart and soul that I either ignored altogether, or filled with meaningless, temporary "fixes" that only made things worse. I had such a deeply rooted shame in myself, my past, and my choices, all of which I internalized, never speaking about them to anyone.

This shame led to different addictions, self-harm, suicide attempts, and more. I felt myself being pulled deeper and deeper into a hole that I believed I would never be able to come out of, and bought into the lies that I was completely alone, unwanted, and unloved by everyone around me.

A word I would use to describe my relationship with Jesus is sufficient. Everything He gives - His grace, His acceptance, His guidance, His mercy, His protection, His understanding, His love...All of it is more than sufficient for my needs. Whenever I find myself getting so wrapped up in my own thoughts and desires for my life that I don't see the perfectly laid plans before me, I am humbled by Jesus' unfailing sufficiency.

He alone is everything I need.

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